Welcome to my website, I'm so glad you found me here!

I've got a varied CV up till now as an actress, a presenter, a broadcaster and a voice-over artist. And now I'm absolutely thrilled to add ‘writer’ to that list. The Butcher's Hook, my first novel, is a dark, twisted love story full of surprises, sadness and humour – and there's quite a bit of blood spilled, too. It may not be the book people might have expected me to write, but once I'd started telling my heroine, Anne Jaccob's, story, she and I went to some unexpected places and I really enjoyed her company!

I've got three children, four grandchildren, a husband and a dog. I love them all; and also love cooking, walking, eating and more cooking. Writing means more to me than anything else I do. It's the most personal and the most important thing – and it's certainly what I'd most like to talk with you about. I'd love to hear from you – and feel free to use the phrases 'one I made earlier' and 'sticky-backed plastic', I never get sick of them. Truly.

Feel free to explore the website: you’ll find regular updates in the blog section, my latest events and news and more information about my debut novel The Butcher’s Hook. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram at @missjanetellis.


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