Welcome to my website. I've got a varied CV up till now as an actress, a presenter, a broadcaster and a voice-over artist. And now – with my debut novel the Butcher’s Hook – I'm absolutely thrilled to add ‘writer’ to that list. Writing is the most personal thing I do – and it's certainly what I'd most like to talk with you about.
PS: feel free to use the phrases 'one I made earlier' and 'sticky-backed plastic', I never get sick of them. Truly.

News & Events

  • 2nd
    4.30pm Bath Literature Festival.The Independent Bath Literature Festival is celebrating 21 years! At the centre of local, national and international debate, the Festival features some of the most creative, and cutting edge thinkers of today.
  • 8th
    12.45pm Ways With Words Festival. Ways With Words promotes both the written and the spoken word. It brings people together in beautiful surroundings to make contact with writers and experts to argue, to listen, to engage and to learn.
  • 12
    7.30pm Aye Write! Literary Festival. Aye Write! Glasgow's Book Festival, was founded in 2005, and since 2007 has been an annual fixture on Glasgow's culture calendar. The festival takes place in the beautiful Mitchell Library.
  • 16
    7.30pm Chorleywood Bookshop event. The Chorleywood Bookshop is owned by Sheryl Shurville and has been around for over forty years.                                                                                                                                                                          


janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @andynyman @NetflixUK It's utterly lovely. They're all so smart and profound,too, aren't they? 11 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @JacquiGram @LucyMangan @jennycolgan Idea! We reform the club! With, um, 'revisions', of course. 11 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @JacquiGram @LucyMangan @jennycolgan Hyperventilating. Of course at nine, the age I joined, that would all have seemed just right. 11 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @JacquiGram @jennycolgan @LucyMangan I only knew her name but I had the biggest crush on Kaye Webb. 13 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @claytonhickman Happy days...! 13 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @rufustcat @claytonhickman The garden! Goldie! K9! What times they were. 13 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @whatKatydidnext @jennycolgan @LucyMangan Signed eldest grandson up. It folded weeks later. 😩 14 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @jennycolgan @LucyMangan And wherever we were, the first thing we did was join the library. Thanks NAAFI and Toc H.#bonjourproustianrecall 14 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @LucyMangan @jennycolgan *coughs slightly defensively* For an army child, living overseas, it was a little taste of Home. ( Violin plays). 14 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis @LucyMangan @jennycolgan * leans over fence* I was Member No:100. 15 hours ago
janetellis janetellis @missjanetellis RT @Glinner: Twats are sharing a misleading photo of a Muslim woman on her phone during the London attack. https://t.co/5xxGJYoB5t 3 days ago

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